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Leisure occupations are any activities that are done for enjoyment. Enjoyable activities depend on the child’s personality and environment. Leisure activities can have several positive effects on physical health, mental health, life satisfaction and psychological growth for children with physical disabilities like CP.[61] Common benefits identified are stress reduction, development of coping skills, companionship, enjoyment, relaxation and a positive effect on life satisfaction.[62] In addition, for children with CP, leisure appears to enhance adjustment to living with a disability.[62]

Leisure can be divided into structured (formal) and unstructured (informal) activities.[63] Studies show that children with disabilities, like CP, participate mainly in informal activities that are carried out in the family environment and are organized by adults.[64] Typically, children with disabilities carry out leisure activities by themselves or with their parents rather than with friends. Therefore, children may experience limited diversity of activities and social engagements, as well as a more passive lifestyle than their peers.[65] Although leisure is important for children with CP, they may have difficulties carrying out leisure activities due to social and physical barriers.

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